Jose's New Ride

A week or two back Jose fulfilled a promise to himself to snatch up a KTM Freeride if one ever appeared used within a few hundred miles of Austin. Here's his initial impressions of the bike:

Basically, it's like riding a little tractor that mated with a very angry weed wacker. First it's super light, at 200 lbs, you can really use your body to move the bike around (I've heard it called body english).  Super responsive that way. Also, this is my first two stroke so learning the differences between the 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine character has been eye opening (read loud and angry). I'm not an experienced dirt or enduro rider, but the lightness, suspension, size, and tractor engine of this thing have me getting up and over obstacles I've never been able to do before. All and all, really loving the bike and it makes me want to spend more and more time on the dirt.